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Lesson #5: CORE Lesson #5 – Never Eat Alone

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  1. Start with 1 lunch out per week with local business owners who are patients, other healthcare specialists, and your ideal patients. Believe me, this will wow your patients more than anything else you do! Eventually do this as much as possible.

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Yeah. Hey, what's up everybody? This is Dr Steve Schluentz. I want to welcome you back to another video on module number nine, which is all about marketing the expert brand. I'm going to talk about something today that most dentists don't want to do, but it is vitally, vitally important. This is the concept of never eating alone. This is tenant number five and I'm ... I was thinking about this today as I was going through and recording this ... and I want to thank Dr. T.J. Bolt, actually, because he's the one who gave me this idea and this book and it was guy, Ferrazzi. He wrote this book called Never Eat Alone and I highly recommend you read it when it comes to cultivating business referrals. This idea of never eating alone was further ... further enhanced by Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone's like, "Why are you sitting in your office all day trying to save a few dollars and bringing your own lunch? You need to get out in the community, you need to talk to people, you need to talk to business owners and you need to start to bring and build out your brand.

I don't think a lot of dentists naturally want to do this. Maybe you eat once a week, whatever that is, right? But you have to get out into the community that you are currently serving, if you are trying to build your practice, especially when it comes to building out your blue ocean, right? Lunches are a great way to build presence among healthcare providers, but also business owners in your practice. One of the things that I recommend you do is, you know, we all want to talk to healthcare providers and we want to talk to this specialist and that specialist and we want to cultivate those relationships. It is equally as important that you talk to business owners in your community, as well. Because business owners also meet a lot of people and they meet a different part of people.

If you talk to another health care provider, you're going to realize very early on that most of them almost never get out. Alright? But some business owners in your community are much more likely to spread the word. Building strategic partnerships, building collaboration with business owners already in your practice, is a great way to do it. I know that there's a lot of times we talk about building strategic alliances with business owners in the community, and we go door to door with these businesses we don't even know. When in your practice you probably have, on average 30 to 50 to 75 business owners already in your practice. Go cultivate the business owners that are already in the practice that you have, right?

It's that grass is always greener on the other side, right? Russell Conwell wrote a book called Acres of Diamonds and in that book he said, so many people are looking for here and looking there and they're always going out trying to find these acres of diamonds. But, acres of diamonds are literally sitting in your own backyard. Your practice has so many marketing opportunities, so many referral base opportunities, that you need to start eating with your patients at lunch. Hey, how can I help you with your business? Right?

This is a different way to market, and it's one of the most over overlooked things that ... we do not ... just at our practice, by spending time with healthcare providers and eating with business owners and talking with business owners in my practice. That's one of the things as a coach, I'm always looking for other opportunities to be able to help with mindset and personal growth and development.

And so I'm willing to talk to business owners in my practice because I know they most likely are trying to train their teams to increase their results. My outlook is a little bit different than some people's, but as a general dentist, you're just, there's so much opportunity here, right? You got to talk to your patients, especially your dream patients, like the ones that you go, oh my gosh, these patients are amazing. If you can find out an amazing patient that values what you do, and also a business owner, you've got a slam dunk there, right? Take your ideal patients out to lunch, find more about their business, what they look for in any business, what they look for in a dental office. How can you improve your office? How can you form strategic partnerships with these business owners? Right? Remember that like attracts like. The more you can get into your mind of your ideal patient, the more you can market to future ideal patients.

We're really talking about three ways to start to include going out to lunch with people. One is healthcare providers, in general, to continually strengthen those referral sources. Whether you've already done a lunch and learn, or you're about to do a lunch and learn, even if you've done a lunch and learn for a practice, for example, you still want to take those healthcare providers out to lunch on a continual basis. You always want to be in front of them. Second, is business owners in your practice and business owners that might be outside of your practice, right? Then, third is your ideal patients. Who are the patients that you love taking care of on a daily basis? Take all of them out to lunch and learn more about each person that you're going out to lunch with. They all have different aspects that's going to help you grow your business. The healthcare providers are going to probably directly refer patients into you. Business owners, you can find ways to form strategic alliances with. Then, your ideal patients, find out about what brings them to your practice and what they want to see more of, right?

You will not make money sitting in your office eating alone. This is something that's so many dentists do. They go, well, I don't have time. I've got to get caught up on notes and I'm going to bring my lunch here and ... I don't really feel like trying to find parking and X, Y, and Z. Listen, this is an opportunity that is always missed in practices. If you have an hour a day and you're in your office eating alone, getting caught up on notes, find a way to delegate some of those tasks so you can get out into the environment that you're working in and meet people. Because people is where the money's at.

There's some overplayed cliches, but it's so vital. Your network is your net worth. You need to get out in your community and you need to eat lunch with people that are going to be able to refer patients to you or help you grow your practice. Stop isolating yourself in your practice. Okay?

Your action steps, right? Start with one lunch out per week with local business owners or patients, other health care specialists, and your ideal patients. Believe me, this will, wow your patients more than anything else you do. Eventually what you're going to want to do, is do this as much as humanly possible. If you work four days a week, I'd love for you to be able to get out to lunch four days a week, right? The more you do this, the more your practice will grow. I can guarantee it.