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Lesson #4: CORE Lesson #4 – The Expert Lunch and Learn

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  1. Watch all videos in this section about Lunch and Learn and if a fit, craft your own.
  2. If you need additional help on building out your Lunch and Learn I offer special training on this and can build this out with you.

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Hey everybody, this is Dr. Steve Schluentz. I want to welcome you back to another video on Module Number Nine, which is all about Marketing the Expert Brand, and this is one of my favorite concepts, I truly believe this is a game changer. If you are a specialist dentist, right? Even if you're a general dentist, and you're starting to look at something unique that you do that no one else does in your area, this is the Expert Lunch and Learn concept. I will tell you, when I was doing this in my practice consistently over and over and over again before I really started to dig into coaching, this was the ticket for me. And it's a trial and error process, but I will tell you that when you start to do this, your referral base expands rather dramatically. Okay? So the Expert Lunch and Learn is one of my favorite concepts for growing your dream patient referrals.

And what I mean by that is this process is laid out in depth in this program, so this video is just meant to be an overview of how powerful this is. It literally goes step by step, how do you do this, why do you do it, how is this important, all of these things, right? So this video, it being a primer, really isn't meant to explore this concept. This entire Lunch and Learn process could be its own course, really. It's a process where you literally go to other offices with a 40 minute presentation about how you help your patients to local offices in and out of the dental profession. So the way that you do this as you are coming from a place of collaboration, and you're saying, "How do you typically help your patients with this?" For me it was TMJ.

So I would ask, "How are you helping your patients with TMJ or TMD?" And I'm here, and then I'd say, "You know what? That's phenomenal. Let's find ways to collaborate. This is how we take care of patients that have X, Y, and Z." Now my guess is some of these specialists, whether they're chiropractors, naturopaths, functional medicine, ENTs, they aren't going to obviously take care of the patients will be that you do, and they probably have patients that they thought they'd be able to help and they're not able to help. Those are the patients typically that they're going to refer out to you almost immediately.

All right, so what you want to do is come from a place of collaboration. You don't want to come from a place of competition. You don't want them to think that you're trying to take their patients, because they will never refer patients to you. But you say "Hey listen, we know that there's probably patients out there that you thought you could help and for whatever reason you couldn't. We might be able to fill in the gaps of why you weren't able to help certain patients because of what we do in the dental space."

Now, obviously if you're doing cosmetic dentistry, if you're doing implant dentistry, the premise of your Lunch and Learn presentation is going to change, but the tenants are still the same. You want to come into the practice. The way that I do it, I come into the practice, I have a PowerPoint slide, I have a projector, I have a screen, I buy lunch for the entire team. I take about 20 to 30 minutes and actually give a presentation, and then the next 10 or 15 minutes, I'm just answering questions. I have brochures that are laid out that I can give to them. I also have referral sheets that I give to them. And by doing it this way, I've laid out the relationship between me and this specialist, whether it's a chiropractor, naturopath, whatever.

I will tell you that this is the biggest wow experience for specialists in your area that you could possibly imagine. Okay? It's an absolute slam dunk if it's done right. And so what I want you to do is really go over all the videos in the section about the Lunch and Learn, and if it's a fit, you craft your own Lunch and Learn. Now, this is a process, this takes time, and what you're going to do is you're going to refine it every time you do it. What I would encourage you to do, actually, is when you start this process, if the team that you're presenting is okay with this, video record this Lunch and Learn. It does two things. One, you could actually do a professional video crew. You can get somebody now, I mean it's amazing, there's so many people that are videographers or people that want to be videographers.

So in your town you can probably use some services to figure out who is a good videographer, and they'll record this whole thing for you. And then what they'll do is they'll probably edit it, and then you'll be able to use this as talking points for future patients. So you're always trying to think of how do I repurpose what it is that I'm doing to be able to get a bigger audience, to reach more people. So I would highly encourage you guys to start recording your Lunch and Learns for two reasons. One is that you'll be able to repurpose the content later. And then two, just like you do a new patient process and you're video recording and you're watching yourself and you're critiquing yourself, you're going to be able to do the same thing here. Now what's really cool is as you start to do these Lunch and Learns, you'll find that your message, what it is you're talking about, will get more and more refined, and just so much better.

You know, dentists ask me all the time, "Well, you know, I can meet one on one with these providers and form relationships." That is true. You can do that, and it's still effective. But what's so powerful is, as you get better and better with this Lunch and Learn, you're going to find your voice and your message much more clearly, and that actually reinforces and strengthens your new patient process. Because when your new patients come in, you're now able to present this so much more effectively. And, you know, one of the things that I do in these Lunch and Learns is that I will, I'm not speaking to the other doctor, I'm speaking to the other doctors team. That's why I have all of their team members come in and I buy lunch for all of them. I want to get good speaking to the doctor's team because two reasons.

One, they're the people that actually will refer patients to you, more likely, than the doctor will, because the doctor's hands are kind of tied. They might have two or three different referral sources that they send to, but the team doesn't have that. And then two is by crafting the message to their team, I'm able to then better craft to the patient that I'm speaking to. Okay? And if you need additional help building out this Lunch and Learn, I do special training on this. I can build this out with you. This is so important, because when you master this process, you will become an expert in your area very, very fast.

So this is one of my fastest drivers for growth, and it's a game changer to me, in this space, to be able to craft this effectively with your message. I'm sure you've heard of this concept before, but how do you actually craft this Lunch and Learn? It's so important, and the video training and the program itself will help you do that. But if you need additional help, don't hesitate to reach out to me. So hopefully you got value out of this video and I'll see you at the next one.