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Lesson #2: CORE Lesson #2 – The Dream 20

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Action Items

  1. List out your Dream 20 referral sources (current and desired).
  2. Create an action strategy to strengthen your relationship with members on your Dream 20 that you already are in contact with and a plan of action to get in front of those on your list who do not currently know you.
  3. Create a 90 day strategy to stay in front of these 20 at least once a month for 3 months. After 90 days, repeat again over and over.

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Hey, what's up everybody? This is Dr. Steve Schluentz. Want to welcome you back to module number nine which is all about marketing the expert brand. And I'm going to get right to it.

This is a concept that I love, love, love talking about. It's a modification of something I learned in a business book and it's very important.

This is the idea of the dream 20. This is tenant number two of marketing expert brand. And I think this is a game changer personally. If you are a wellness based doctor or relationship-based doctor or you have any highly developed technical skill, you need to be doing this at some level. And everybody's modified this a little bit, but the key tenants are very, very, very important.

Okay, now the dream 20 is a concept that I kind of modeled after Chet Holmes, the ultimate sales machine. He introduced the dream 100 concept. The dream 100 concept thing got passed on to Russell Brunson who is a mentor of mine, he talked about it. And then there was another protege of Russell Brunson, Dana Derricks. He talks about the dream 100 he actually has a book about the dream 100. And I was thinking to myself, "As a dentist, I probably don't need a hundred active referral sources." Right? "But if I could identify 20 of my dream referral sources, I think that would be incredibly beneficial to growth."

Now I was thinking at the time, "Who are people that I already work with that I would want to work with more, that understand what it is that I'm trying to do? And then cultivate those relationships." And then people that I would love to work with that may or may not be specialists. I'm going to talk a little bit about that, but it could be bloggers in your town. They could be business owners, they could be people at the Better Business Bureau, whatever that is, right? Chamber of Commerce. These are people that you want to generate dream referral sources with. And if I could get 20 of those where they were sending me on average one patient a month, I now have 20 patients that are probably primed and ready to go with my services.

Now, when I was thinking about this, I was thinking about TMJ, wellness, getting patients a master plan. Those are the types of patients that I wanted to attract through this dream 20 concept. And I knew in order to do this I'd have to be thinking differently. And it's not just me that have used this concept. It's literally countless doctors that I've worked with. It's one of the things that I think is the pivotal foundation of marketing, especially with DSS strategy, is really cultivating those relationships. And if you have questions about this at all, I highly encourage you to reach out to me. There's some ideas and strategies that I just can't bring to bear on a 10 minute outlining this idea.

But all I want you're doing right now is thinking about, "If I had 20 dream referral sources, who would they be?" And I'm going to give you an exercise, I want you to write all those down. And then I want you to start to create strategies to reengage with those referral sources so that you're always on the front of their mind. Okay? So like I said, this list can be either referral sources you already have, or ones you want to have, or will have in the future.

As a relationship based doctor and somebody that is trained in the TMD, TMJ side of things, I knew immediately some of my dream referral sources were going to be chiropractors. They we're going to be EMTs that we are going to be natural paths are going to be nutritionists, that we're going to be integrative medicine. Those are the types of referral sources that I think would benefit having their patients be sent to me so I can help them. And then vice versa, this is a collaboration. You're trying to build up a network of people that if your patient comes to you and you just simply can't help them, how do you get them to a doctor that's going to be able to take care of them at the level that they need to be taken care of? Right. This is critical.

And so when you have these dream 20s, the dream 20 what you want to do is cultivate a plan and create win-win relationships with them. You can take them out to lunch, you can send them gifts. I send the people that are my dream 20 books about wellness and health and business-building and and all of those things, right?

Meetings with them. Now I do team lunch and learns. And this is going to be a concept I'm going to talk more about in this module, but a team lunch and learn is that I find these dream 20 referral sources and then I'm trying to get to their office to form a collaboration so I can find out how they take care of TMJ patients. And then ultimately what I do and how we can collaborate together, so they know what kind of patients I'm looking for, how I can best help them and form a win-win relationship that way. I have a screen, I have a projector, I have videos and DSS. There's multiple videos below this video that talks about this concept in detail. All of these strategies come back to find the 20 you want to work with, cultivate a plan and start hitting it.

It's a marketing strategy guys. And any marketing strategy takes time. It takes effort. There's going to be some wins, there's going to be some losses, just got to keep working on it.

Okay, so the action steps for this one. This is a very concrete plan here. List out your 20 dream referral sources, current and desired. Create an action strategy to strengthen your relationships with members on your list that you're already are in contact with, and a plan of action to get in front of those on your list who you do not currently know. Whether it's an email, whether it's snail mail, whether it's a call, whether it's a flyer, a brochure, or you just stop into their practice or their office. You've got to have a plan and a strategy to get in front of those. There's a so many different concepts about how you can get in front of these people. You just pick a plan and go with it. Okay.

Create a 90 day strategy to stay in front of these 20 people at least once a month for three months. After 90 days, repeat over and over and over again. Okay, this is like a 90 day plan for these dream 20s. How am I going to stay engaged with these 20 referral sources at least once a month for three months?

The key is with all of this, is you want to stay in front of them, they forget about you. They truly do. They forget. They could be your best friend, they could be the best relationship referral source. But if they haven't heard from you in awhile and you keep not staying engaged with them, they're going to forget what it is you do and how you can best help your patients, right? I've seen this over and over and over. I send that book out to somebody and they go, "Oh my gosh, I just thought, I have a patient that I want to send you." That's how this works. So you have to stay in front of them at all times.

And so what I want you to do is go through these action steps, really develop these strategies, start to take action on this. And I want you to share your wins, because I truly believe that if you do nothing else of this entire program, if you just did this one simple concept, it would change the revenue in your practice like night and day.