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Lesson #1: CORE Lesson #1 – A New Approach To Marketing

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  1. Make a compete review of your current marketing approach.
  2. Evaluate each marketing approach in relation to “Is this marketing leading us to our ideal patients?”

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Hello, welcome back everybody. This is Dr Steve Schluentz and I am so excited to get to module number nine, which is marketing the expert brand and I know that as I am going through this, it's going to be so vital for you to start to think about marketing differently, especially if you're in a very wellness fee for service based environment. It's the 21st century. We have to be thinking different about marketing and who we are and how we're getting our word out there and some of the things that you can do to differentiate yourself in today's marketplace.

I don't know about you, but if you're a dental practice and you're trying to use the same marketing gimmicks, the same type of websites, the same reach, the same new patient specials and Invisalign offers and things like that, you're probably barking up the wrong tree if you're trying to develop a more wellness oriented practice. In fact, a lot of the marketing approaches I've seen for a more relationship service oriented environment actually detracts from what it is this the dentist is trying to do, so you need to make sure that your marketing is on point. Tenant number one of marketing the expert brand is all about just getting you ready for the framework for some of the things I'm going to talk about on tenants two through seven and this is all about thinking of a new marketing approach for your practice. Let's dig in just a little bit.

If you are highly trained technically you have to think differently about your marketing. I have seen so many dentists struggle with this one particular aspect in that they spend a lot of money on marketing. It is not effective for them and if anything it actually damages their office more than helps them because it brings in the wrong type of patient. If you go back to the vision and clarity module that we had in number one, I was very intentional about making sure you know exactly who your ideal client is, who your ideal patient is, and then secondly, how do you best deliver your best service to that ideal patient. That is the framework for your marketing campaign.

If you are having successful marketing campaigns and is bringing in the patients you want and you get a good return on investment, keep those going. But the marketing approach I'm going to recommend in dental sales secrets is completely different and it's a completely different way to think about how to attract the right types of patients. As I said before, your ideal patient, ideal offering, module number one dictates this marketing. You are going to speak directly to your ideal patient. The doctor that can most clearly identify the problem for the patient is also the doctor that will be perceived to be the best fit to solve the problem.

This is a marketing foundation. It's a pillar. If you can clearly articulate your patient's pains and problems and things they need solved better than anyone else in the market, they're also going to look at you to provide the solutions. If you can clearly identify and articulate the problem, they probably think that you are the best fit to give them the solution. You need to understand that. Now, there's a second part of it and that's being omnipresent and being in front of your patients and potential patients so that when they identify this problem, you were there with that solution, but you need to really be able crystal clearly articulate what it is that that patient is actually struggling with. This is where marketing gets... It takes more effort to market this way.

It's easy to throw up a social media post that's very generic that gets two likes and no one engages with it. It's another thing to dig deep into your patients' problems and identify some of these consistent themes that your patients are having. A lot of patients, it's the fear, it's the, you know, they don't like going to the dentist. It costs a lot of money. There's those things and then, on the wellness side, they're not getting solutions from dentists. The dentist isn't actually solving their problems. They can't breathe. They can't chew. They are grinding their teeth. They are clenching their teeth. Their teeth are wearing down. They look older, premature facial aging. These are the things that we want to hit on, especially if you're highly trained on how to do full mouth rehabilitation, whether it's through implants or any continuing education and curriculums you've went through. These are your specialties. These are your babies. These are the things that you need to be hitting hard when it comes to marketing so that you can differentiate yourself in a new and better way.

We're going to be talking about social media strategies, but we're also going to be talking about door to door, almost belly to belly type marketing because I still believe that in this type of environment, if you're building a wellness relationship, a face practice, that is the foundation for any type of marketing approach for you. The action steps is make a complete review of your current marketing approach. Do you have an actual marketing strategy or do you have a bunch of tactics that you hope are working? You need to have a strategy. There has to be some type of end goal in mind and the systematic way that you can do this. Not necessarily, this week we're going to try this and next week we're going to try that and we're just going to see what sticks. You've got to have some type of strategy. This is who we're trying to attract with our marketing.

Then, evaluate each marketing approach in relation to, is this marketing leading us to our ideal patients? Now, if you didn't want to do dentures, but you advertised free dental consultation. I know that sounds ridiculous. You go, well you're an idiot. And so it might not be that obvious, but dentists do this all the time. They actually have marketing approaches that lead to more problems with their patients. This is a great example.

I don't want to have to deal with patients that are insurance driven or cost sensitive all the time and then, their marketing campaign is we accept all insurances, maximize your benefits before the end of the year. New patients special $59 plus exam and cleaning or whatever that is. What you don't want is what you're attracting. You need to make sure your marketing is consistent with who it is you're trying to attract.

This seems so basic and so simple and so many people miss this because they don't work either with the right marketer. The marketers job needs to understand what it is you're trying to accomplish and then clearly articulate how they're going to be able to help you in that arena and not all marketers are created the same guys. Not all marketers are created the same. You need to understand that there's some really, really good marketing companies out there and there's some ones that probably aren't going to get you where you need to go, and if you're moving in a more wellness, relationship-based direction, you need to work with the right type of marketing companies that take the time.

I always tell people, you want a marketing company the way that they onboard you and engage with you the same way that you want to onboard and engage your patients, right? If they take the time with you. They do the interview. They sit down with you. They understand where you're trying to go, and they have a concrete plan to help you get there. They're going to be a lot better than somebody who says, "Hey, I can do this on the cheap. This is what it costs for me to run your Facebook ads and let's do this." That's probably not the marketer that's going to be able to get your results. You really want to be very, very methodical with who you choose for your marketing approaches. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Reach out. I know people that are very wellness and relationship-based marketers and then some that are good marketers that might be a little bit more PPO style practice for PPL style practices.

Marketers can fill different niches and needs. You need to make sure you get with the right marketers. Hopefully you got value out of this one. I'm so excited to go through this module with you. I think I'm going to teach some concepts for you that are going to really open up your market strategies in new and different ways and not completely rely on Facebook and Instagram to generate traffic for you.