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Lesson #5: CORE Lesson #5 – Office Consistent with the Promise

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Do a New Patient Walk-Through exercise every 3 months and work on changing 1-3 items to further be able to deliver the ideal offering to this ideal new patient. Repeat this every 3 months!

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Hey, what's up everybody? This is Dr. Steve Schluentz. I want to welcome back to another video on Delivering the Promise, module number eight, one of the most important modules in this program because you have sold your patients on the idea of what it is you're doing. Now, it's all about delivering that promise. And that is one of the key elements of what tenant number five in Delivering the Promise is all about. It's having an office that is consistent with that promise you're delivering. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, then setting an expectation and then not delivering it. That's one of the major sources of patient frustration. It's not how good you do things. It's not what you do. It's, "Is it consistent with the expectation I had of this office?" Now, one of the downsides of setting it up the way that you're setting it up is you are so awesome at what you do that you better be creating systems in an office that's consistent with what you're telling patients.

If they aren't getting what they expected, that is a major source of frustration. If you look at almost every negative review, every complaint, and dentists think it's the insurance, it's the money, whatever, and that's why they're leaving negative reviews. Go deeper, and what you'll find is what they thought was going to happen is not what happened. The expectation was not met. So the more clearly we can define our expectations and then deliver on those expectations, the more satisfied your patients will be. Okay. So remember back in module one we talked about ideal patient, ideal offering. I talk about this so much through this entire program, ideal patient, ideal offering. We're coming back to it and checking to make sure that the way you deliver the promise in your office is consistent with that ideal offer. There's nothing worse. Like I said, 10 times, I'll say the other 10 times in this video, there's nothing worse than when you promise something and you're not delivering.

If your website, for example, is promising something and then they come in and they're not able to get that, you've lost them. Everything has to be on point, so from the website, to the way they find you, to the way they call you, to the way they do the interview, to the way they get the treatment, to the way they get the follow up, the completion, the referrals, all of that stuff has to be consistent with the promise that you deliver to them. In my opinion, 80% of your time, energy and focus should be on making sure that you're truly building on a system that allows you to do more of your ideal dentistry on your ideal patients. It is the 80/20 rule in reverse. I talk a little bit about this actually in module number 10 as well, but 80% of your time should be creating the office you want to be creating. 20% should be reacting to things that are already happening and the more you can stay true to that one principle, the more successful you'll be.

You want to act like a new patient. I spoke about this before in a previous module. Evaluate everything based on that ideal new patient and ideal new offer. Literally, walk through your practice. "Okay, what are we doing? What's step one? What's step two? What does this look like? What does this look like? Is this image in our practice consistent with what we're trying to create? Is this photo of this patient that we have, is this consistent with the ideal image we're trying to create?" Every practice is different. Every promise should be different and subsequently every office system will be different. It's one of the difficulties in teaching DSS, for example, is that every practice is going to take this information and they're going to shape it and mold it a little bit into the practice they want to create.

That is why it's so important for you to go back to these videos with your team and watch them over and over and over and say, "How is this consistent with our practice, what we're trying to build?" Right? So your action steps on this short and action packed video was to do a new patient walk through exercise every three months. You'll see that in module 10 we'll talk a lot about this idea of every three months going back and reviewing your systems and re-enhancing your systems, right? And you want to work on every three months, change one to three things to further be able to deliver the ideal offering to this ideal patient. Every three months. Every quarter. You want to make it a habit that maybe a day, every quarter you sit down and you refine your process over and over and over again.

It's through that continual refinement that you'll actually see change start to occur. You'll start to get more of your ideal patients. You'll start to do more things in harmony with what you're trying to do in your practice, but you have to repeat this every three months. You have to act like a new patient. You have to be asking yourself, "What is this ideal patient looking for and how am I best going to be able to deliver that?" And I guarantee you, if you do this over and over and over, you will see exceptional results in your practice.