Lesson #4: CORE Lesson #4 – Clarity and Vision Enhanced

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Action Items

  1. Make sure you have clearly outlined a Vision of your ideal practice day.
  2. Revisit that vision every day in some way. The more you do this, the faster you will move toward that vision.
  3. Revisit that office vision every 3 months and make changes if needed! You as a team will always be course directing. That is OK and essential!


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Hey, what's up everybody? I want to welcome you back to module number 10 of the Dental Sales Success Cycle. We are talking about refining and refocusing and we are going to go back to basically the beginning of this program and how to further enhance your clarity and vision.

This is tenet number four of refine and refocus. If you guys remember at the very first module, it was about vision and clarity, right? This is going back, now that we've been through the whole program and you go back and you say, "Okay. Let's look again at the vision of my practice. Am I clear? How clear am I? Can I get more clear?" I tell every client that I work with, "The more clear your vision gets, the faster you'll move towards it." It's unequivocally, that's how it works. It's how your mind works. The more you can internalize the image of what you're trying to create, the faster you move towards it, the faster you'll find the resources necessary to achieve it. It's just how it works. Okay?

At the clarity and vision enhanced part of this whole program, what you want to do is at every office meeting and every morning huddle, if you're doing those, if you do morning huddles, go back to the office vision and define and redefine. Literally, if you have a purpose or you have a mission statement or however you've done this, say, "Okay, this is our practice purpose, our mission statement." I always got confused. People talk about vision statements, mission statements, how they're different. Okay, listen. There's going to be like one thing. Your why of your practice. Why are you doing what you're doing, the vision of your practice, what you're doing for your patients. Go back, read that at every office meeting, every morning huddle, reinforce, reinforce, reinforce. The repetition of that vision is so powerful. Who we are, what we're doing and why we're doing it.

Then, I want you to make it a point that every three months, just like what we talked about before, your office manual, right? Just as you're updating the office manual, you continually refine the vision of the practice. Every three months you should sit down. When you're reviewing your office manual and updating it, you go back first and say, "Okay, the vision of the practice is this. Do we need to change anything? Do we need to modify anything? Have we integrated some stuff in our practice now that you have changes in the vision of the practice a little bit?" Right? It may change and may stay the same, but it's always to be reinforced. You want to discover your why.

Now, I actually believe this is a little bit overplayed. Thanks to Simon Sinek. It's an amazing concept, right? Your why is very, very important. It's not the be all end all, but it does give you a basis on how to further enhance your clarity and vision and the vision needs to be concrete. It can't be ambiguous. Listen, you can't say, "I want to help all patients get healthy." Right? That's not a vision.

A vision is what your practice looks like on a day to day basis to be able to ideally create your ideal offering for your ideal patient. How many operatories, how many hygienists, how many patients are you seeing today? What is their treatment? What does it look like? What's the office environment? What's the color scheme? What does the carpet look like? Right? Do you even have carpet? Do you go vinyl, plank, flooring? All of this stuff goes into the vision of your practice.

Define the perfect day in your practice and then go and create it. The more you can clearly define what the ideal day looks like, the more you can compare that to your current reality and find the necessary action steps you need to get closer to that ideal vision. Okay?

The action steps for this video is make sure you have a clearly outlined vision of your ideal practice day. Revisit that vision every day in some ways. The more you do this, the faster you move towards that vision.

Listen, this is unequivocally the truth. Anything in my career, whether it's dentistry, coaching, personal, the faster I created a concrete vision, the faster I moved towards that vision. Okay?

Revisit that office vision every three months and make changes if you need. You, as a team, will always be course direct. Or course correcting, not course directing. Course correcting. That is okay and absolutely essential. In fact, some of the stuff you're going to lay out, you may not know how to do it right now. That's not important. You just have to make a decision you're going to do it.

A lot of dentists, when they're working with DSS, they have a very concrete vision of this integrative, holistic, a naturally centered practice, but they don't know anyone that's doing it, they don't know how to do it, they've just made a decision to do that and all of a sudden they get connected with a group of like minded dentists that want the same thing. When that happens, magic occurs and the how, you know, just becomes a byproduct of really defining the vision and making a committed decision to achieving it. So hopefully you can do the same thing in your practice. Hopefully you're getting value out of these videos. We're almost to the end of the core videos, which is amazing. We only have three more videos left, I believe. Thank you so much for tuning in and I'll see you at the next video.