Lesson #2: CORE Lesson #2 – Team Engagement

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  1. Create a 12 month Team Development plan. There are so many different ways to do this, but create a plan and stick with it. Ask for help if you are stuck on how you can develop this!


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Hey everybody, I want to welcome you back. This is Dr Steve Schluentz, and I am so excited to share with you Tenet Number Two of Refine & Refocus. As I mentioned before, this is the last module in this program. I have to apologize, I'm a little bit congested and I've actually been dealing with something for about three weeks as I've been recording these videos. I didn't want to record them and I said, "No, I want to get this done," and so if I'm coughing, if I'm sneezing, I apologize profusely. I know it should be a lot more professional and I try to get this done in one take, so just bear with me.

As we are going through this, this is Tenet Number Two and this is Team Engagement. I'm going to tell you, this is the missing piece for 99.9% of offices. It's this idea of getting your team behind what it is you're doing, and this is a constant process. This is not something where you're going to be able to have an office meeting, and all of a sudden your team's going to go, "Oh, I get it." This is a continual process, but I will tell you one thing. The more engaged you can get your team behind your office vision, the faster you'll move towards that vision, the more successful your practice will be. That's it. That's the name of the game. So, if you get additional courses on team engagement, team communication, team training, you really want to be involved in getting your team on board.

It's one of the reasons that I created the Dental Sales Secrets Team Workshop because what I was finding is dentists would learn this information. They'd be getting what they need and the team would never get what they need, and so there was always a disconnect. So, obviously, I started to do team workshops for Dental Sales Secrets, so that the team can understand what it is the doctor's learning, and you guys can implement it better in your practice, right?

You are only as good as your team, and the more engaged the team is, the better your practice will be. I can guarantee you that. It's the one thing that I can guarantee. People ask me all the time with DSS, "Can you guarantee me results? Am I going to be able to get more new patients?" No, I can't guarantee you results because you have to put in the work and there's a lot of variables. No, I can't guarantee you more new patients because there's a lot of variables in that too, but I can guarantee you that the better your team gets and the more engaged your team gets, your practices will be much more successful. Okay? There's your guarantee.

Second, is you want to empower your team to grow and then reward them. This is something that I put in into my practice, and it's not a perfect bonus system. There's some pitfalls in any bonus system that you have, but I would highly encourage you to think about how do you reward your team members. Right. Do you give them a bonus system? Is there an incentive for them to do stuff? Now, I've never really liked, for example, rewarding my hygienist with a bonus system on just more hygiene. It's never really fit my personality, but that's not to say that some practices wouldn't benefit from something like that, right? You can get creative with your bonus system. There are many resources out here, out there today on how to get a proper bonus system into your practice.

It's not something that I spend a lot of time on. Mine is very rudimentary and probably wouldn't work in a lot of practices. I do a team bonus system. Hey, we function as a team. Everybody's got a role. Everybody gets the same level of bonus. I've looked at putting individual bonuses within that team bonus and I can do that, but frankly, I'm not in my practice enough to actually spend the time on figuring out exactly how I want my bonus system to look. In the future maybe, but the simple thing of putting team bonus has actually increased my productivity by about 10 or 15%. It's crazy, but it happens.

The team should also be the lead marketers for your practice. They are the representation of your practice. These are your ground marketers, if you will. If Michael Arias was here, he would be talking about ground marketing, and that your team members are a representation of your practice. Should they have business cards? Absolutely. Should they know what you do and why you do it? Absolutely. Should they be actively engaged? Absolutely. Should you have a bonus system for having your team members actually get new patients into your practice? Absolutely. If the team understands clearly the vision of the practice and how it creates a win-win relationship between the doctor, team, and patient, your team will automatically be more engaged.

Listen, your team cares. Your team absolutely cares. It's human nature to want to feel like you're contributing to something. Your practice should be that conduit for your team members, okay? So your action steps is to create a 12-month team development plan. Now, we've talked about marketing plans and 12-month plans and what you want to do in your practice. Develop a 12-month team development plan. Whether it's something simple like every month you guys are going to do some type of team building exercise, whether you're going to a CE event, you're doing in-house lunch and learns. Whatever it is, you want to have a plan. There are many different ways to do this, but keep it simple. Create a plan, stick with it.

You can always ask me if you get stuck on this. But, listen, we try to make everything so complicated all the time, but if we know that our team and the development of our team is going to create a more successful practice, let's take five minutes and say, "Okay, every month we're going to do this with our team to help develop and grow and refine our process," and then go and stick with it, whether it's clinical skills for the team so they can better do clinical skills, whether it's lab work for the team, whatever that is. It looks at your practice and it depends on your practice.

But if you're watching this, you're probably a highly trained technical dentist. Does your team know how to pour proper models? Do they know how to mount models? Do they know how to do bites? Do they know how to do these things? Right? That will determine your time spent in the chair, and ultimately the more time you can spend creating the practice you want, rather than doing some of the things maybe your team members can do, that's going to make you more successful, right? So make sure you take the time to develop a 12-month team development plan. Let me know how that goes.

Hope you got value out of this video. I know this module tenet's short, compact, information that you can take and directly put it in your practice. This should be a review of the things from Module One and Nine. You're going back. You're going through these lessons. You're figuring out how to put this in your practice, and I'll see you at Tenet Number Three. Take care.