Lesson #1: CORE Lesson #1 – Enhancing the Office Manual

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  1. Make it a rule with your team that you will revisit and improve your office manual and what you do EVERY 3 months!


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Hey, what's up, everybody? This is Dr. Steve Schluentz. I want to welcome you back to another video. I cannot believe we're on to the final module of the Dental Sales Success Cycle. This is all about refining and refocusing your process. This is so important, guys. If you realize the way that I've structured this, it's a circle. It's a cycle, right? It never ends. There's always something that you can improve, enhance, get better with, and that is what module 10 is all about. As Stephen Covey talked about it in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, it's sharpening the saw. You have to do this on a regular basis, and what we're going to talk about on this video is enhancing the office manual, which is tenet one of the six tenets of refine and refocus. This is so vital.

I know when I was going through all my management training and I worked with coaches and they'd talk about the office manual and all this stuff you need in the office manual, and I realized very early on that a lot of it was fluff. It was material that actually was not needed in your practice. It was more of a protect your butt, if you will, manual or procedure guide so that you have systems that if somebody didn't adhere to, you can let them go and not have repercussions, right? That's not what I'm talking about when I'm talking about this type of office manual. What I want this office manual to be is an extension of the last video of module eight which was about creating your Blue Ocean Office Manual. Now, whenever I put that in there, last video on module eight might not be the last video on module eight when you're watching this now, but it was all about creating your Blue Ocean Office Manual. So you want to think of this video as an extension of that video on the Blue Ocean Office Manual, okay?

Every three months on average, this is what I was doing in my practice or whenever a major process change was implemented. You want to go back through your manual and change it if necessary. Listen, this is a living, breathing entity, and I will tell you now that even the way that we do this, we were starting to play with video processes on our office manual, and I'm coaching a lot more than I was when I started this, so I was thinking about ways that I could put a more living breathing office manual that my team can follow and they understand the A to Z process. That's what this is all about. Again, it goes back to understanding who your ideal patient is and what you're trying to provide for that ideal patient, and this manual then is an A to Z process to give your ideal patient what they ideally are looking for. Okay?

When you go back and you change it every three months or when something major happens in the practice, this says two things. One, it ensures that the office manual's current. Nothing's worse than if the office manual isn't current. And two, repetition of going through the manual reinforces with the team the philosophy of the office manual. This manual should be a representation of your entire office philosophy. And so repetition, as you guys know at this point, for me repetition is the mother of all learning. So even with your team, going back through your vision statement and your philosophy and your manual over and over and over again reinforces how important these guiding principles are to your practice. Like I said too, when you're talking about the office manual being current, I always tell my team, if you can go through the office manual and you don't find the answer to the question that you're asking me, then we need to address it and then ultimately look at whether or not that should be in the manual.

But my goal is every question, as it pertains to my Blue Ocean should be covered in that office manual. That's how current it should be. Okay? And as I said before, if you're creating an office manual video, the same rules apply, but it's actually easier to update the manual changes if needed. 'Cause it's easier to shoot a video of what it is you're trying to describe than to write a written policy about that thing. So I think video is absolutely key. I think it's the easiest way to create a living breathing office manual in your practice. And if you have questions about what software to use, how to use it, ask me. I have some great resources for you to be able to help you in that direction. Okay? Constantly think to yourself and your team: How do we better deliver our ideal service to our ideal patient? This will help concentrate thoughts on how best to enhance your process.

So the action steps in this video is to make it a rule with your team that you will revisit and improve your office manual and what you do every three months. This doesn't need to take a long period of time. If you're not making a lot of changes, this might only take 30 to 45 minutes. Every three months, we sit down and we say, "Has anything major happened? What are we looking at? Do we like our office manual? Is there stuff we want to improve?" Make a commitment to yourself that every three months you're going to go through your office manual and change it. You can use my office manual as a guide. It's in this program. It's exactly what I used with my team. It's a step by step process. It's about 90 pages long, and it's very concrete, very simplistic, but it's also very theoretical so that my team understands the philosophy and what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. I encourage you guys to do the same thing. Hopefully you got value out of this video, and I'll see you at the next one.