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Lesson #4: CORE Lesson #4 – Your Ideal Offering

About This Lesson

In this lesson, we will learn about the second essential in practice development: your ideal offering.  This ideal offering combined with your ideal patient will make your office an unstoppable force!

Action Items

1. Describe in detail your highest point of contribution to your ideal patient in detail (should be  at least 1-2 pages)

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Hey, what is up everybody? I want to welcome you back. This is Dr. Steve Schluentz and we're going to go through another video on the dental sales success cycle. And if you remember we are on number one, which is all about vision and clarity and we've covered some great stuff so far and we're going to dig in today about something that's near and dear to my heart and that is the ideal offering. Now, last video we talked about the ideal patient and we got very specific, very crystal clear about this ideal patient. Now the ideal offering is going to piggyback off of what it is that you're going to be able to bring to this ideal patient. Now I know some of you are probably like Pankey purist and that's totally fine, where there's one best treatment plan for the patient. Your job is to go find it.

Now, I don't want to get philosophical on this point, but what I do want to do is, is let you know it is okay for you to describe what you think the best treatment that you could possibly provide in your practice is, right? It's very specific for me. I do a full mouth reconstructions with flowable composite in a minimally invasive fashion, after I stabilized the entire system. I know exactly what it is I'm doing. That is my ideal offering. I want every one of my ideal patients to get that at some point. I'm not pushing it on them, but I understand that everything in my practice is built towards creating an environment that allows me to do my best dentistry for my best patients, right? That ideal patient, and ideal offering is very, very tied together. And so what we're going to do is just discuss in detail a little bit about how do you identify this ideal offering and then how do you put it into your practice?

Your ideal offering is your highest point of contribution. The reality is if you're watching these videos, you have probably spent at least $50,000 to $100,000 on clinical education outside of dental school, okay? Or maybe you're an associate or maybe you just started and you're about to spend a lot of money on clinical CE. Here's the emphasis. When you get to a certain point, you have to be very concrete about what is the best service you provide? Now you can provide all sorts of services. I'm not saying you can't be a jack of all trades as a general dentist, right? But there's got to be one thing that really resonates with you. You say, "Man, if I could do this every day for my patients, I know I'm providing a service. I know I'm providing a benefit. This is what I want to be doing. This is my highest point of contribution." I want you to identify that, okay?

And then what you're going to ask yourself is, how am I going to best serve my patients, right? Everything in this program is built around ideal patient, ideal offering, everything. The way that you set up your practice in the future is going to be built towards ideal patient, ideal offering. Literally, this entire program is built on ideal patient, ideal offering. Talk about limiting beliefs, we talk about all these different things, but it's built around how am I going to find best patient and give them the best dentistry that I have, right? Not forcing it on them, not having them do something that they don't want to do, but literally allowing them to say, "Yes," to the best treatment that you can provide, okay? And you have to be very concrete about what is the ideal outcome you want as a result of the patients coming to see you.

You're beginning with the end in mind here. You want to say, "Susie Q," who is that 45 year old female I talked about before, "When she leaves my office, this is what she has. She has no pain. She has a new smile, she has confidence, again. This is what the smile looks like and this is the process we got for her to go get that." If you look in the office manual that I have in dental sales secrets, it's my office manual. It was created for specifically this reason how to give my best dentistry to my best patients. That's what my office manual was, right? That is what it is actually. So it's a living, breathing entity, but I'm doing this. I'm identify my ideal offering, my ideal patient, beginning with the end in mind and how do I create a structure to allow my patients to say, "Yes," okay? You need to be very concrete on this and you need to spend time with your team.

If you're watching these videos, the biggest thing is take these videos, put them into your office meetings and say, "What is our highest point of contribution as an office?" Right? And your action steps are very simple. There's one, so it should really be action step. Describe in detail your highest point of contribution to your ideal patient avatar. It is very important that it is the highest point of contribution to that ideal patient avatar. I'm not talking about your non ideal patient here. I'm talking about your ideal patient. What is the best thing you can do for them?

Now, if you think about what you've done in the last four videos, I can guarantee you if you went through and actually did these action steps and really thought about your practice, you're going to be thinking about your practice different than you've ever thought about it before. It doesn't have to be a chaotic rat race where you're trying to serve all people. You're going to realize as you go through this, there's going to be certain patients that you're just not going to see anymore. And that's totally fine. You plan for it, you prepare for it, but you're moving towards a vision of what you want and how you're best going to get that. Very, very important. So break this down and spend some time with your team. Go over this video over and over and really think about what is my highest point of contribution? And when you get done with that, I'll see you at the next video.