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Lesson #2: CORE Lesson #2 – Create Your Blue Ocean

About This Lesson

In this lesson, we are going to evaluate the concepts of Blue and Red Oceans and its application in Dentistry.  This lesson will help you evaluate where you currently are positioned in the competitive dental landscape.

Action Items

1. Describe in your own words a Red Ocean vs a Blue Ocean when it comes to dentistry.

2. Evaluate if you are currently practicing in a Red or Blue Ocean.

3. If you are interested in creating a Blue Ocean practice, describe this practice in detail.

4. Refer to supplemental video #11 in this module for further helping describing your blue ocean.

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Hello, welcome back. I want to take you through another short video. On this video we're going to talk about creating a blue ocean.

Now, just to orient you again, we are on the vision clarity section of the dental sales success cycle and as we go through and start to focus in, there was six tenants we were talking about on the last video we were talking about identifying your true north. What we're going to talk about in this short video is how to create a blue ocean.

Now, there's other supplemental videos throughout this program that talk about the difference between a blue ocean and a red ocean. So what I want to do is lay down the foundation for these two very specific types of oceans and how it applies in your business.

Now, there was a book called the Blue Ocean Strategy that I highly encourage you if you want to dig in deep, you can read that book, especially the first few chapters. It does a very good job laying out the difference between creating a blue ocean and a red ocean in your business.

I think this is directly applicable to dentistry, especially if you're in this program. If you're in this program, you are probably trying to create something different in your practice. You may have been in the insurance game for a long time. You're looking to transition out of that, become less insurance dependent. Or maybe you have a really big idea about what dentistry can be and you want to act on that. You are trying to create a blue ocean.

Now, in order for me to describe the blue ocean, I first want to talk about a red ocean. A red ocean in dentistry it would be something that's highly competitive. Dentists are competing against each other, creating a quote unquote red ocean, which is bloody, competitive, hyper competitive. Dentists feel like in order for them to grow, you have to lose. That is a red ocean.

Now, the problem with that is it becomes a commoditized thing and as something becomes commoditized, you know price will drop. If you want to think about that, think about how expensive TVs were when they first came out. You know you have flat screen TVs and for years you'd go into Best Buy or wherever you go to get your television. The fact that you go to Best Buy to get your television right ... thousands of dollars for something. Now if you look, those same TVs are about $200.

How does that happen? It happens because the technology improves, everything becomes commoditized. You can't really tell what one TV from another. The prices drop. Simple economics. Dentistry is going down the same path. If all your practice revolves around is single tooth, crown, single tooth fillings, whatever the case may be, you are in a red ocean.

In a blue ocean what happens is you're actually creating your own economy. You're creating something so far outside the marketplace that it no longer has competition. And in some of these supplemental videos that I show, I talk about some of the major blue ocean strategies in today's dental practice in the world that I live in.

Now, I focus a lot on total body wellness, creating practices that move patients toward comprehensive care. My blue ocean for example, is really taking patients through a process to eliminate their TMJ on a non-surgical and a non-botox level. I'm moving them beyond the symptoms of TMJ and really going to a cause oriented approach to treating temporomandibular joint disorder, TMJ, TMD, whatever you want to call it. That is my blue ocean.

There are literally three dentists as I record this, that have had similar training to me in the entire state of North Carolina. And the one that I would say, and we're not even competitors, I would refer patients to him all the time, he is seven hours away from my practice. We are in blue oceans.

Now, whether it's sleep medicine, really truly understanding the cause of airway issues, whether it's going more holistically inclined types of practices. Whatever that looks like for you, whatever your blue ocean is I want you to think about how would you go about creating it. Now, the videos show more on how to create it. I just want to give you the the main difference between a red ocean and blue ocean. If you want to dig further into this, I highly encourage you to read that book Blue Ocean Strategy. I think there's even a new book that's out, but get into that and start to think about how do I put this in my practice.

For action steps what I want you to do is watch those supplemental videos on the concept that I described that are in this program and really think about how this works in your practice. Then in your own words, I want you to describe a red ocean versus a blue ocean. It's very important that you're able to do this in your own words.

And then I want you to be honest with yourself. Are you in a current red ocean or blue ocean in your practice? And if you are in a red ocean, are you interested in creating a blue ocean? And just like the action steps in that first video that we talked about, I want you to describe your blue ocean in detail.

Now, your blue ocean could be, I want to have a practice that's built on airway and TMJ and this is how I'm going to create a new and exceptional experience that no one that is close to me is going to be able to replicate. I am truly creating the office that I want. I'm no longer competing.

These are the things that you should be going through your head because this, honestly, if you can get really crystal clear on how you're going to create this practice and write it down in vivid detail, you are in the first stages of the creative process. So I really want you to think about this in broad terms. Then you watch these supplemental videos that will really dig this down into more detail in terms of different types of practices and how this functions, but I want you to think big here. What is it you truly want to create? There's something that's calling you by going through this program. You want something new and unique.

Most of the dentists that are listening to this in some way want to move towards a more wellness oriented practice. If you are doing that, I want you to be crystal clear on what it is that you want to create. What is your true patient experience going to look like? And that goes into the videos that you'll see later in this module, which is all about your ideal patient and then your ideal offering. These things all play together.

If you're watching these all at once, great, come back and do all these action steps because they're really, really, really important when it comes to laying down this whole foundation with the vision and clarity modules.

Hopefully you got value out of this video and I'll see you at the next one.