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Lesson #1: CORE Video #1 – Your True North

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In this lesson, you are going to learn the aspects of creating a practice of purpose and differentation! You are going to learn how to craft a true north statement with your team.  This statement is your office rallying cry and why you exist as a practice.

Action Items

1. Create Your True North Statement. Make sure to co-create this with your team and emotionalize the statement.


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Steve Schluentz:
Hello everybody. This is Dr. Steve Schluentz, and I want to welcome to this video today. What I'm going to first do before we dig in, I'm going to show you an overview of the Dental Sales Success Cycle. Now you might be asking, "Why is this important?" This literally is the pillar of everything that is dental sales secrets, and all the videos and the content before and after will function around this Dental Sales Success Cycle in some way, shape or form.

Through the videos that I'm going to share with you ... There's going to be something like 52 or 53 short, five to ten minute videos ... They're all going to focus around key points to all of these 10 elements. So every session, every module is broken into one of these 10 elements, Vision Clarity, Selling Yourself, et cetera, and then each one of this major module's going to have video components that correspond to the module. And each one of those video components is going to have Action Steps.

Now if you want to go through and watch all of the videos and then come back and start to work on the Action Steps, you can do that. But the best way to do this, honestly, is to watch one video a day and then do the Action Step that's required on the video, okay? So each video in this whole series is going to have an Action Step that I want you to fully immerse yourself in. And there's a reason for all of it.

If you look at all of this Success Cycle, it's circular in the fact that you're always going back and trying to touch up elements that you need work on. My team workshops are built around this. My one-on-one coaching is built around this. The entire platform is built around this, and this process never ends. So you always want to be thinking about where am I at? Where do I want to go?

What you will notice though is Marketing the Expert Brand is number nine, right? That is way down the list. I know a lot of dentists when they start, "How do I market? How do I get better? How do I do these things?" Listen, you cannot market a brand that you don't know what it is you are. Right? So you have to start with Vision and Clarity. Then you have to start by selling yourself on the ideas of what it is you're trying to provide, and you go very linearly even though this is a circle.

As you're watching these videos, I highly encourage you, go ahead and watch the material if that's how you best learn. But then come back, watch this video again, watch the video and do the Action Step. And what I would encourage you to do is even after you've completed it the first time, you've done all the videos, you've worked with your team, you're working on all these elements, you come right back to this program again and do the exact same thing. Okay?

What we're going to do on this video is overlay the concept of Vision Clarity, and then we're going to talk about the first tenant for Vision Clarity. Okay? And all of these videos, they're going to be laid out the same way. There's going to be 10 modules that are based around these 10 principles, and as we did into Vision Clarity, you're going to see there's six individual tenants of Vision and Clarity.

One is, What is Your True North? The second is, How do you Create Your Blue Ocean? Three is, Who is your Ideal Patient that you're serving? Four is, What is our Ideal Offering for that Ideal Patient? Five is, How do you build a Practice within a Practice? And six is, What is the Intention and Purpose behind your practice?

Now you will find that every video in the next series is going to correspond to one of these six tenants, and this specific video is going to deal with, What is your True North? Okay? Now when you look at What is Your True North, what I'm really talking about here is this idea of your mission or your vision. And I know I've studied so many different businesses, and they talk about vision statements and how it's different than mission statements, and what these things are all about, and I said, "How do you simplify this?" Because the reality is I don't want to spend an inordinate amount of time talking about mission and vision statements.

I always joke when I go into offices. It's so funny. I say, "Hey, what's your mission statement? And they go, "Oh, I think it's on the wall there." I said, "Does anybody know what your mission statement actually says?" And it's crickets. It's literally silence. No one has a clue. It's not good enough.

If you start to think about your True North, that's your compass. This is where we're always focused, okay? And I want to give you a really good example. The True North in my practice is that I want my patients to be so healthy, they never have to see me again for the rest of their life. That's my True North statement.

Now the reality is, some people will say if they never see you, you're going to go out of business. And I said, "No, I really won't. There are so many patients that I can help that I will never have to worry about that." But I want something simple that I could tell my team, and my team understands where I'm going.

So everything in my practice now revolves around that concept with my Practice Within a Practice. I don't want to get too far ahead, but you want to think about your ideal patient, your ideal offering. What's your True North? My True North is I want to help patients get so healthy they never have to see me again. Okay?

Now what I love about that statement is it's very simple to remember, "My patients are so healthy they never have to see me again." My team would know that. It could be on a business card. It doesn't matter. That is my True North statement. And then everything in my practice resolves around that True North statement. Is this going to move me closer to my True North or further away from my True North? Okay?

And the reality is if you don't have a True North, you're going to take on every statement, you're going to take on every coach, you're going to take on every program, you're going to think about all these different things, and you never can compare it to your True North. So it is the most important thing you do, is to identify what you stand for at the very, very beginning of your practice. Right? Maybe you've been in your practice for 15, 20 years, you're reorganizing, you're recommitting, you're refocusing on your goals, this is the starting point in my opinion. It is all about identifying who is your ... Not who is, but what is your True North?

And these six tenants for Vision and Clarity all focus together. So when you're watching this, really, you want to go through each one of these. And what I would encourage you is as you go through these modules, watch all six videos first. Like I told you, you can go watch it all, but then come back to each one and then break down and take on the Action Steps that are at the end. Because at the next slide we're going to have some Action Steps for you.

So it's very important as you're going through these videos, when you get to each module, watch all the videos in the module ... They're all five to 10 minutes in length on average ... And then come back and do the Action Steps for each one of these videos. Very important you do it that way because you'll have a much better appreciation of what I mean by True North, and where you're oriented in your practice if you watch the other five videos and then come back to this one. Okay?

What I want you to do ... Oops, I'm sorry ... What I want you to do is take these Action Steps. I want you to write out your True North statement. Now we can get into values and values clarification and all that, but keep it really, really simple.

This is how you're going to write your True North statement. You're going to take 30 minutes of your time, you're going to close your eyes, and you're going to to start to visualize your ideal practice environment. How many team? How many patients? What are you providing? What is your office environment like? And you're going to write all that down after you visualize this.

As you're going through it, you spend 30 minutes. You just write it down. You close your eyes. You visualize. Write it down. Write it down. And then at the end you're going to look at all of this information, and you're going to start to see some very distinct similarities, some comparisons between these visions, what everything means. And then what I want you to do is take anywhere between one and five sentences and write out a True North statement. What is your calling card? What are you about as a practice? What is your patient going to get in your practice that they will never get anywhere else?

And as I told you on numerous occasions on my true North Statement is, my focus is to help my patients get so healthy they never have to come in and see me again. Okay? Not everybody's going to have that True North statement.

What I don't want you to do as you do this though is do get grandiose with, "We provide the highest level of care with exceptional treatment and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Not noticeable. You will not remember that. Your team won't remember it, and it's a lot of fluff.

What you want to do in this True North statement is be really real with yourself. Why are you a dentist in your practice? And what are you trying to accomplish? Once you go through this vision and this 30 minutes, and maybe it's an hour, maybe it's two hours, maybe you spend days on this, most providers don't spend enough time actually doing this consistently.

The second piece, and this is important, you want to emotionalize this statement. So what you would do and if I was reading my True North statement, what I'm emotionalizing is that my patient has went through my entire new patient process, they have moved beyond the disease. They never have to worry about getting cavities. They never have to worry about getting periodontal disease. They never have to worry about getting occlusal disease. They don't have to worry about any of these things anymore, and they're shaking my hand saying, "Thank you doctor so much because now I don't have to worry about some of the stuff that I've always had to worry about."

And I'm holding onto that vision, and I'm emotionalizing it. I'm feeling how good that feels. Right? You want to live in that place, act as if. Correct?

So you write your True North statement, then you emotionalize the statement. And then what I encourage you to do is you're either going to share your True North statement with your team, but here's an even better exercise that you can do. You want to co-create a Team True North statement. As a team your practice is focused on this, this True North that you have. The more you involve your team in this process, the better off you will be. I can guarantee that.

Take, and I encourage you, every one of these videos literally you can build an entire team meeting around each one of these videos. You could take 30 to 45 minutes and really work together on how do you create a Team True North statement, and then build your practice around that Team True North statement.

As you're going through this, if you do have team meetings, if you have office meetings, what I encourage you to do is literally take one or two of these videos, and every team meeting you can go through a video or two videos or three videos, however long your team meeting is. And really focus on taking these Action Steps. This is so important. It sets the state for everything you do in the future. You have to start to get really crystal clear about who you are as an office and what you're trying to accomplish.

Talk about goals later. We can talk about all these things, but you have to have a True North statement. So watch this video again over and over and over, and think about what it is you're trying to create. Use it in tandem with the other videos in this module, and when you do that, fill out this Action Step, take this necessary action, and I will see you at the next video.