Your Training Programs

Level 1- Personal Mastery


This is the core curriculum of Maestria.  Here you will learn about and apply The Maestria 5 E's to develop personal mastery.

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Level 2- Comprehensive Practice Mastery


2Module 1
3Module 2
4Module 3
5Module 4
6Module 5
7Module 6
8Module 7
9Module 8
10Module 9
11Module 10
12Quality New Patient Secrets
15Bonus Trainings
16Affiliate Training
17Optimized Dentist Week #1
18Optimized Dentist Week #2

Designed for Wellness/Comprehensive Dentists looking to grow their practices using a  comprehensive wellness-based model.

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Wealth Clients

Wealth Foundations

This section is reserved for our Maestria Wealth Clients.  This material is built specifically for our clients who are engaging with us through our proven Wealth Creation System. If you are interested in learning more, you can apply by clicking on the button below: